Monday 30 September 2019

Easy ways to ditch plastic - Plastic Free

Recently I've been trying really hard to eliminate unnecessary plastic from my life. Honestly I know this is super hard and of course it depends on where you live. I live on a tiny little Island so I do not have the biggest selection of places to shop. Luckily a lot of the fruit and veg does come unwrapped but not all of it does and that is very disappointing.  

The first and most obvious one is I bought a reusable water bottle. I've already touched on this in my 2019 - The year to save the planet post. I have one for water and one for my coffee. I always make sure I carry these around so I am never caught off guard. Most coffee shops will let you use your own coffee travel cup now a days so you have no excuse to use their take away ones. 

A new thing for me though is ditching my plastic razor and getting a stainless steel safety razor. I didn't quite realise just how much unnecessary plastic I was going through just by using a razor. I was using a Venus so I only needed to change the heads but just like any other razor they go blunt quickly so you end up throwing the plastic head away every month. I will be honest and these do take a little bit of time to get used to and I have cut myself a few times using this but once you get the knack it is absolutely incredible. It gives a really nice close shave and the blades are so much longer lasting. This razor works out SO much cheaper too! 

 Another thing I've ditched is a plastic loofah in my showers. It's something I've been using since I was little so I never really thought about it but when you see how much plastic it is when it unravels it is crazy! I have switched to this flannel that even has a little pocket you can even put your soap into. A flannel is great because it will last SO LONG and you can just wash it in the machine. 

Switching to a soap bar instead of plastic shower gel will make THE BIGGEST difference too! I have a lovely local company here in Cayman called Eat Breathe BeWell that makes homemade products all plastic free so I get all my soap bars there. Check your local supermarkets and where ever you buy your beauty products from as I'm sure they will stock them. 

The next switch I've made is plastic free toothpaste. This one is from the local shop Eat Breathe BeWell I mentioned above. I saw something similar in Lush when I was back in England so I know you can get these alternatives other places too. This comes in a little glass jar and when it is empty I will just reuse it. It is actually a great size for decanting beauty products into when travelling so you do not have to take the bigger bottles with you. It is pretty mind blowing the amount of plastic we actually go through when it comes to beauty products. Not everything is unavoidable but at least there are things becoming more readily available for us all. 

Honestly I am not perfect but I am trying my best and that is really all we can do. Do you have any tips on living a plastic free life? I'd love to hear! 


  1. Use of water bottles, cycling to work? (this is hard for most but very good for overall health), reusable bags for shopping, support local products...

  2. This is such a great post! I am planning on doing something similar myself!
    Thanks for the great share babes!

  3. this is so great! Every single little action all helps!

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